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Scarwork Therapy 

Scarwork is a gentle treatment that is given without oils to help to improve the appearance, sensation and the feeling of post-operative scars, scars from accidents or burn scarring. It can be an effective treatment for both new and old scars whereby specialised techniques are used to help the area to heal and to address discomfort, numbness, tightness and restrictions, helping to improve feeling and functionality. Tightness in surrounding tissues can be reduced, helping restore normal muscle function. Tight, ropey scars may be softened and loosened and ridges and holes may be minimised. Dense scar tissue can be reduced, nerve impairment such as numbness, pain, itching, irritation or extreme sensitivity may improve.


Changes to the scar and nerve function are usually permanent. Multiple treatments are recommended to gain the most benefit and response to treatment will vary for each person, so I am unable to determine how many treatments may be required until we are able to see how you as an individual respond to the treatment. 


Which scars can be treated? 

Many different kinds of scars can benefit from this specialised scar massage. Scars could be the result of an accident, operation, including cosmetic surgery, or a burn.

Eg: Abdominal surgery, C-section, cancer surgery, knee surgery, mastectomy, open heart surgery, tube/drain sites, road traffic accident, spinal surgery, facial scars, foot surgery, hip replacement, hysterectomy.


ScarWork is not a replacement for conventional treatment. Keloid scars, stretch marks and acne scars can not be treated with ScarWork. If you are in doubt, ask your doctor or consultant if you can safely have massage on your scar.



The first, initial appointment will usually be up to 90 minutes. This will include a thorough consultation, as well as treatment. At the end of the treatment we will discuss your scar and explain how further treatments are likely able to help. Self massage techniques you can practice at home can also be shown. 


Multiple treatments are recommended to gain the most benefit, although great results can be achieved after just one treatment. In general, I  suggest a course of 3-4 treatments, spread over 4-12 weeks, depending on changes, response to treatment. 


Please call Victoria on 07738 620661 or email to discuss possible treatment options based on your needs or to ask any questions you might have.  

Scar Massage
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