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The following prices are a guide to the treatments available.  They are not set in stone as I will tailor each treatment to suit each individual client.

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Initial Consultation and Sports, Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage Treatment
60 Minutes - £66.00
90 Minutes - £88.00
Further treatments -
90 Minutes - £88.00
60 Minutes - £66.00
30 Minutes - £45.00
thumbnail_SW ScarWork logo.jpg
ScarWork is a gentle, painless therapy which assists the softening of scar tissue and reduces the tension the scar and adhesions have created within the network of fascia.  The therapist works completely within the pain guidelines of the body; the client feeds back if there is any discomfort and the therapist adapts their touch, angle, and/or technique accordingly.

Initial Consultation and treatment £88
Follow up treatments 60 minutes £66
Pre and Post-Event Massage by arrangement
Taping - From £15 
Kinesiology Taping 
Strapping and Taping
Indian Head Massage​
This treatment is seated and uses oils on the scalp and face to relieve tension and give a totally holistic treatment
60 Minutes - £70
Holistic Massage
​Rejuvinating Back and neck massage - 30 Minutes - £45
Full Body Massage - 60 Minutes £66
Relax & Revive
Full Body and Facial Massage
90 Minutes - £88
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